Domestic Installations.

Aside from nightclubs, this is probably the area we get the most call for technological interface. Most people who come to us want their system to be ergonomic, easy to use, wireless, online, and everything it can be. The truth is, though that if you want us to, we will come round and put your shop bought TV on it's stand and tune it in! No job is too big or small.


Typical jobs we do here are:


We will take care of your home, respect your belongings, and give you a kick ass system to boot!

So, if you want your cables to disappear we must be honest, this can only happen if we make holes etc. But you can't bake a cake without breaking eggs. What makes us the complete solution is that we can install stud walls(with halo lights if required), channel walls, redecorate your entire house (if neccessary), and even hoover up.


But we never do any more or less than you want us to. You are in control at all times through the process. We give a quote at the start that we can both live with and the price at the end will be the same as that (unless you change the spec!).


We can make refernces available upon request for this. The case below must remain anonymous until we know you better.


 We used a Bose Lifestyle 48 as the basic framework with freespace 3 systems on a wireless infrastructure. On the video side we ditributed using HDMI, RF and AV to achieve the flexibility the customer required.

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