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From the intimacy of a Public School to the vast metropolis of a University, educational requirements are wide and varied. We have installed in university bars, lecture theatres, school halls, classrooms and even chapels. Perhaps the most exciting area to work in, this arena has budgets and requirements that stretch our capabilities and force us to excel. It is, for me, not about the money. I love getting stuck into a big project. We thrive off of it and some of our finest work has been for the education sector.


We currently supply Jukeboxes, Pool Tables, Venue Sound Systems, HD TV Systems, Gaqmes Consoles, and DJ equipment to these establishments on a hire purchase or even rental basis. We have installed UST Projectors, Interactive Smart Boards, Control systems and many other solutions to Lecture Theatres and Class Rooms.


Of note is that we offer two further services that would be of interest to this sector; Short Term Rental and Maintenance. If you have, for example, a school production or an outdoor event we can supply AV equipment to hire for the duration. We also offer a maintenance agreement whereby we propose to provide the following:


 An annual service.

·         Loan units when yours fails.

·         Servicing costs.

·         Trade price replacements.

·         4 hour response.



Education today is inextricably linked to technology. If it had been around when I was a kid, I would have been a straight "A" Student.

This service costs less than you think. We can cover a TV for as little as 0.75p a week. There is no commitment, and we will look after you.

Case in point

sutton valence school

Our brief here was to provide a projection system and two plasma monitors to the Chapel for the purposes of presentations and the like for large groups. We were told that they didn't want the screen hanging from the ceiling and wanted it at the top of steps approacing the altar. Our only option was to sink the unit into the floor. Working with a local builder, we had a bespoke screen made and shipped to us which we recessed into the step. We installed a Multimedia interface with VGA and HDMI over CAT5  from the Pulpit to the projector. The Projector was capable of producing a bright image during ambient daylight onto a screen at 12' across the bottom. We were really pleased with the results.

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