Churches, Houses of Worship and Old buildings.

The fabric of the building.

We can safely lump together Churches (old and new), houses of worship and old buildings. It is a sweeping generalisation but generally speakeing all of the above are approached with a minimal interference to the fabric of the building approach. This may be because an Archaeologist or Local Authority has slapped a Graded status on the building or because the overall look of the property is paramount and the client doesn't want a nice red cable running along his or her walls.


It gets tricky here, because we cannot put anything up without cables in our game. Normally, we would bury the cables into the walls, but Graded buildings are protected. Sometimes, Trunking is the only answer. The solution below is under exceptional circumstances. However, with the advent of wireless technology, we can avoid some cabling, but never all.


In the newer buildings, such as a modern Chapel, we can hide cables more easily, where allowances have been made for cables (Ducts and channels).


It is important that an installer not only understands the restrictions imposed by graded buildings, but also is sympathetic to the importance of the overall impression that their work can have to a building such as these. At Inn Vision, our install team will work closely with our clients to realise a solution that has the minimal impact on the building.



In large spaces, the acoustics can be atrocious and a minefield for the Audio Visual Installer. We use EASE and Modeller CAD software to produce a designed system that eliminates the guesswork. When we turn up on site, we KNOW it's going to work. 


The problem with anything historic is that it was not designed with electricity in mind.


CASE in point.

St Nicholas Church, Otham 

As part of the Open Church project, aimed at making local churches more ameinable to the local community, we were commissioned to install a system that interfaced with a band, DVD and mixer. Key was that the church was to become flexible and so the Mixer andinterface needed to be mobile.


Our solution placed a Bose MA12 line array in the main area and we made the mixer wireless on a laptop that interfaced with a PC. The results were amazing. We also made a bespoke solution for the screen and projector and the whole system was HD. You can plug in on analogue and HD at two points using HDMI, VGA, and Composite. The system will auto switch.

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