We have done approximately 10 hotels in the last year alone. Some close for the duration of the refit and some stay open. Either way we are mindful of what it takes to refit a hotel.



The most challenging aspect of such a venture is the distribution network for the freeview signal to each and every room. It doesn't matter where the hotel is, it usually gets a poor signal! Once rectified, we then have to get this to each room. Normally the budget doesn't stretch to a complete rewire (the Valhalla for Hotel AV Installers) and so we must make the best of what is usually an old distribution infrastructure, ripped up and rebuilt for years. As with all our other market sectors, the design lead concept normally requires the external parts of the building to be clean. Historically fair game for AV installers.


So you see our problem. It is imperative we are involved from the conceptual blueprint meeting in order to overcome this. Our detailed survey will highlight these issues and eliminate unforseen extra costs. The rest is plain sailing, so to speak.



The brief is key here. We need to get the exact requirements from the client to provide accurate proposals. From there, our quotation procedure gives the client the detail so there is a clear distinction as to what the solution is.

Although this is a relatively new area for us, we have embraced the challenge and our project partners love the results.

The Cock Hotel, Stoney Stratford

At this hotel we refurbished the entire site. The existing RF insrastructure was reused but we uprated the Aerial and distribution. The main trade area had a 42" LCD TV and four zone sound system installed with DAB radio (Including FM and DAB Aerials) and a TSG Music Centre.


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