All tecnology gets old and eventually fails. It may take a couple of years, it may be 10 + years. Inn Vision Multimedia Limited offer a failsafe for your gear whether you are a commercial customer or a domestic customer. Because it is such a moving feast, we cannot provide a fixed solution like "one size fits all". That would not work for us, or for you.


It all starts with a meeting and coffee (Please). Our specialist will go through your system and note what you have. In some cases we can give you the options there and then. Sometimes we may need to go away and provide a quote. We will take into account special requirements such as if you want a specific make or feature.


We will then construct a price pack that enables you to make a decision based upon choice.

Don't worry. We are here to make sure you keep going.


The Service.

Our service can include:

So you need never miss a beat again. It breaks and you are straight back in the groove (and other such metaphors).


Get a Maintenance Agreement with us today. Let us have the sleepless nights and you can get on with enjoying your AV system.


Commercial or domestic, it's a pain when it doesn't work.

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