So What exactly do we do?....

There are three generalised subdivisions to what we do:



You will find the above in our menu system. Please note that the commercial aspect of our operation is so large and varied that it has been subdivided down into market sectors.We apply our expertise in the following areas to provide solutions for our clients that match their needs at a price they can live with.



We have wide rangeing knowledge of  the products available on the market and how to apply them to provide a solution for any brief. We have a competant design team that can give you a complete solution from concept to completion. Inn Vision Multimedia Limited are Bose ProPartners.


Visual Installations

At Inn Vision, we specialise in the provision of HDMI aver CAT5, premium, design lead installations of TV's and making a system work in the most flexible way for you.


Again, our expertise in this area can give you a 19" TV built into a wall as a "booth" TV or a video wall the size of a building. We can do anything to anything, and make it work.


Other Stuff!

We also do DMX Lighting design and install, TSG Digital Music Systems, C-Burn Digital Music Systems, Automation, Digitising, removal and reinstall for refit, Sound Proofing, Noise Abatement Installations, Retrofit Installations, Outdoor TV's and Sound, Green disposal of old equipment and almost all aspects of AV. We also do CCTV systems.


It is probably quicker to ask: "What don't you do?" but we'll try and tell you anyway.

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